Friday, April 22, 2011

Painting with a Different Perspective

Over the years, I have painted many pictures with a rear-view perspective. There is something very interesting to me about seeing a person or animal from this angle. It allows you to anticipate a movement or expression without any bias of eye contact . I have shared some of my recent rear views here.

My granddaughter loved the tide pools in Kauai. I love this painting of her. I often paint figures from behind because I think they tell a much different story than ones viewed from the front. The body language is more refined when you have limited eye contact.

Piper in the Tide Pools
Another trip last year to Italy resulted in hundreds of unforgettable experiences. This photo, taken by my niece, especially touched a cord. Our host, Marlane , all dressed in red, walked through the poppy fields. I love the contrast of the colors and the expression from behind.
My  niece also took this picture of a friend’s puppy, Bailey, about to join the other dogs in the rapids of Montana. You can just feel the joy of anticipation here. Should he jump in or not? Big decisions here! His ears tell the story for me.

My daughter's two Himalayans, Sookie and Sebastian are best friends. They do everything together. Here they look out the window of their Washington kitchen, waiting for the rain to stop so they can go out and play. Cant' you just feel the longing?

When you get stuck picking a subject to paint or draw, try this approach. It's fun and gives you a whole new perspective on creating.