Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sunday in the Studio

Fall has always been my favorite time of year. Breathing in the crisp clear morning air puts a spring in my step and a desire to create. 

Fall is also the beginning of the long 18 week NFL schedule. This is the first weekend of the regular season. My husband has carved out a few hours of television viewing , dressed in his team colors, ( I don't make this stuff up) . Schedule at hand and remote at the ready, he gets comfortable on the den couch for the duration. 

While I too  love football , especially when the Seattle Seahawks are playing, watching grown men run back and forth on the gridiron for hours every Sunday is not my favorite pastime
This is my time to create. 

A couple of weeks ago,  I started the second phase of a painting I had previously sketched.  Here is where I ended that day. 

After a few peaceful, creative, music filled  hours this morning , this is where I have arrived. 

It's a hopeful beginning. After a few days of drying, I will continue this and share it with all of you. 

Happy Sunday!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Pumpkin Time

So much time has passed since I last posted on this Blog. Life ,for me, has been very busy. But isn't it always?  I am going to try my best to post more often.

I want to show the progress of my paintings from beginning to end.

This month, I am getting inot the Fall spirit by painting a group of Pumpkins. I love all the pumkin choices out there. I especially love the white ones with orange stripes. I find them so beautiful and festive.


Day One

Getting something on the canvas

A Close Up

Tune in for more